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You would have to agree that there are some drivers on the road that think that they are above the law and go fast and furious.

They're motorists that may end up as a statistic, or cause someone else to become a statistic.

They don't drive well, don't have the skills and know nothing of suffering, pain and grief.

Horsham Driving School teaches you to drive using well developed techniques that gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence to drive with competence and responsibility.


If in doubt, DON'T cross a Broken Line

Save LIVES and MONEY. ALWAYS use your Seat BeltsKnowledge

While knowing what to do when driving under normal conditions, it's when something unusual crops up that the extra knowledge you have may save the day.

We impart our know-how to all students, giving you the best chance to be proud of what you've achieved when ultimately passing the licence test.

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BE AWARE!! Drinking and Driving is a BAD mixResponsibility

When showing our students that you not only share the road with others, you should also bear in mind that you have a great responsibility for some pretty valuable cargo: passengers and yourself, as well as other road users and pedestrians alike. A driver licence is not a right: it's a privilege.

The wine glass says "BE AWARE!! Drinking and Driving is a BAD mix." Never a truer word has been spoken.

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Get better Motoring Skills - become a better DriverSkills

Greater skills are gained over time and with experience.

Horsham Driving School's part in the education of young motorists is to give you the necessary skills first off, to make you safer, with a real desire to increase your driving skills.

We teach students to drive according to road, weather and traffic conditions. As a good driver always knows their limitations, this helps doubtful situations becoming emergency situations.

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Gain Confidence to do it YOURSELFConfidence

It's not easy driving a motor car. Many students have found that they can lack a certain degree of confidence when first taking on driving lessons, and even going for their licence test.

With a fully qualified and competent instructor, each student becomes more able to take on training that will put them at ease behind the wheel and better able to look towards the challenge of a driving test in a positive light, while maintaining the proper level of confidence.

It's the edge you get at Horsham Driving School.

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Don't be a Back Seat DriverBack Seat Driving

As you guessed, back seat drivers are a real pain.

As an inexperienced young driver, listening to passenger's comments on how to do this and that, and being abused for not seeing that all important parking spot, is something that even the most experienced motorist shouldn't have to put up with.

This is where Horsham Driving School comes to the fore: forget the back seat drivers and move forward.

Put yourself in charge with better driver education, lessons and training given in a professional and friendly way.

If in doubt, DON'T cross a Broken Line

I Drive Safely. Do you?Contact us by Telephone on 0417 352 403 or E-mail:

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